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Hi, I'm Jayson Mair. Welcome to my profile!

Jayson Mair's Bio:

I've worked with hundreds of clients on a wide range of issues related to business and personal relationships:

*enabling clients to discover the cause of troubled relationships and destructive behaviours to end up happily married 12 months later .

*singles finding clarity around what does and doesn't attract the right types of partner and creating lasting relationships.

*setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, regaining control and creating better relationships in one's personal and professional life, reducing stressful and intimidating situations.

*transforming communication from a relationship barrier to a vehicle for growth and improvement.

*connecting all relationships with those around you back to the quality of your relationship with yourself.


When Jayson is asked why he chose Life Coaching he answers honestly, "I didn't. Coaching chose me!" That's because despite starting his working life in the service & retail industries, every role inevitably became one of Coach & mentor.

Following his discovery of professional coaching, Jayson studied at The Coaching Institute (TCI), signed on with the renown Blair Singer (from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad, T.Harv Eker's Train The Trainer) and Brendon Burchard, studied the teachings of the world's most successful and inspiring personal development professionals.

He also rebuilt his private life from the ground up, learning hard but valuable lessons which have enriched his practice. "Its always been what drives me and what draws people to me for guidance."

He founded Jayson Mair Coaching JMC (Formerly ICS) in 2007 and works with strictly limited client numbers to ensure a personal, compassionate, focused practice. "This allows me to pursue my love of speaking & presenting" (Recently teaching personal development to staff at Melbourne's Monash University) Specialties: Relationship Coaching Speaker and Trainer Career Coaching

Jayson Mair's Experience:


    Do you struggle with family members crossing boundaries and or interfering? Looking at improving your wants and needs in your personal relationships? Would love to be able to handle your professional relationships with confidence & not feel intimidated? JMC - JAYSON MAIR COACHING is about helping clients here in Australia and around the world with their professional & personal relationships. JMC was officially kicked off in QLD & Victoria, Australia, on January 4th 2007 (formerly ICS - Integral Coaching Solutions),and has been growing at a great pace since. Jayson M!

  • Student at TCI -The Coaching Institute

    Studied Cert IV in Coaching, Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery with Business.

  • Sales / Department Manager at The Good Guys

    Electrical Sales, Staff training, Orders, Customer service, Customer Relations.and all the usual runnings of the department

  • Learning Manager at Roller Coaster Of Life

    FACT: I was the blame for the failure of 60% of my personal relationships in my past. I've taken this responsibility on as it gave me the chance to look back and reflect and learn from what did work and certainly what didn't work. I have failed more than I have a succeeded but I now am in a time of my life where I took control of my actions, my decisions and most of all....took responsibility and could not be happier than I am now. I have a fantastic life.& I LOVE what i do for the people I work with. I have my best friend as my partner (Not sure how she puts up with me at times lol), Live in a great location with a fantastic view. LOVE my family and friends that I CHOSE to have still in my life, and truly live by what I teach and give back whenever I can. The day you take responsibility for your actions, realise your mistakes and can start to learn from them and move in the right direction, is the day your life truly becomes YOURS! Thank you to ALL that have been along for the ride so far...and to those who will be on the journey for the future. Thank you all! Jayson Mair

Jayson Mair's Education:

  • TCI The Coaching Institute

    Advanced Practitioner in Coach Mastery
  • Coombabah State High School

Jayson Mair's Interests & Activities:

Transforming people lives, Personal Growth and achieving the impossible, Spending time with my partner and friends, Traveling around the world and learning new cultures and adventures, MLB Baseball, watching and playing, enjoying everything that is thrown at me to achieve, surviving life.

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